Tuesday, July 24, 2012

                Getting Classy

 Secret Agent Salon is getting ready for a big dose of inspiration through education! Head into the holidays energized and with a few new ideas. My upcoming class schedule with Wella Salon Professional for the remainder of 2012 is as follows:

  • August 7th      Marinello School   Napa, CA

  • August 9th      Marinello School   Reno, NV

  • August 20th     Mahin Salon        Palo Alto, CA

  • August 21st     Marinello School   San Francisco, CA

  • August 28th     Marinello School   Santa Clara, CA

  • September 4th   Le Melange Academy Napa, CA

  • September 17th  Salon Bravisimo    Sacramento, CA


Currently I am packing my bags for  quick trip to Los Angeles for the Trend Vision Awards. I will also get an update on these trends and I can not wait to share them! Here is a look at my interpretation of the "celeste" look. My futuristic warrior princess.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

$hit People Say

Yes sometimes clients can baffle us...this is a good way to find some peer support. It is not just your own personal Hell. Just remember it is our job to educate the clients and patience please :) For every redundant and conflicting statement there are some really good ones to. Here is an opportunity to share all the things I learn from my highly educated and fast functioning clientele. Sometimes the $hit my clients say is very entertaining. Quote of the week: "I run an international marketing department- I think I can manage to make a few cupcakes!"

Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012 Class is in Session

  •  January 9th     Wella Experience        Marinello Teachers Symposium   Layton UT  

  • January 10th     Wella Experience       Marinello School                       Ogden UT

  • January 23rd    Wella Fundamental     Pretty Pretty Collective         San Francisco

  • February 2nd    Wella Fundamental     Mane Attraction                   San Francisco

  • February 21st   Wella Experience        Marinello School                        Provo UT

  • February 27th    Wella Experience       Carmicheal Salon                  San Francisco 

  • March 5th          Wella Fundamenal     Nancy Bee Salon                   Palo Alto 
  • We will have a wella experience class on 3/5 Mon 3-5pm at secret agent salon

  • March 12th         Wella Fundamentals  Essentials Salon                   Santa Rosa

  • March 20th     Wella Fundamentals       Marinello Schools                Layton, UT

  • April 2nd         Wella  Experience            Stages Salon                    Modesto, CA

  • April 9th          Wella TREND VISION        Mona Lisa                         Los Gatos, CA

  • April 11th         Trend Vision Demo              Siren Salon                         San Anselmo, CA

  • April 16th        Wella  TREND VISION       Spanish Fly                    Sacramento, CA

  • April 24           Wella  Experience            Wild Orchids Salon           Antioch, CA

  • May 2nd          Wella                            Edo Salon                          San Francisco

  • May 4th           Wella                            Christines Complete You

  • May 21st         Wella Trend Vision          Natural Look Salon            Burlingame, CA

Wella Trend Update

It's that time of year again where all us "Wella Technical Specialists" gather at The Studio in Woodland Hills California. http://www.facebook.com/TheStudiosUSA
We learn whats new, and what we at Wella are going to focus on, for the first six months of the year. The Trend Vision images are the most anticipated. These looks are the inspiration for those entering into the Trend Vision competition. The competition is the second largest of its kind, drawing entries from around the globe. I know I am excited to have my shoot next month and then lead my team through the motions of creating their own perfect entries. One lucky agent will be heading to the studio in Los Angeles to take the Red Carpet Photo course. Quite a few of last years finalists did their own Trend Vision shoot right at the Studio in LA. If you are in it to win it check out the upcoming education opportunities here:


There was some additional awesome sauce added to my Studio visit. I received some recognition for all those classes I taught last year. The recognition makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. The super cool Wella hoodie makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the outside. Thanks Sally and Fabio!

Katrina Soentpiet owner/stylist Face It!

My favorite thing about the Studio workshop this year was how much I learned from the other IC's. I had a super cool presentation partner and room mate Katrina. I got to swap owner strategies and she was a great study buddy. I think I scored some great bits of intel from every presentation!

Fellow IC Ernesto

I am already booked for classes for the next three months, and I cant wait to tell everyone, what we at Wella are up to. The Pret a Porte looks are going to keep stylists, and their clients, inspired and moving forward.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Oribe Day

Secret Agent Salon has been carrying celebrity stylist Oribes hair care line for a few months now. We are thrilled with how it lends itself to a myriad of styling scenarios- and it smells as good as it looks. Oribe believes the Gel Serum is the most flexible product in the line. Speaking as a colorist, the shampoos and conditioners work well to support the needs of my chemically dependent clientele. I have been a Wella color user to the point of religion for more than 15 years. You can only imagine how excited I was about the agreement between Oribe and Proctor&Gamble Salon Professional to collaborate on his future Atelier Educationals. How cool is that- and more importantly where do I sign up. Ahem...I have been a color educator for years! Wella? I got this.

This colorist was lucky enough to attend one of the Ateliers recently in San Francisco. I saw a lot of familiar faces which always makes for a good time. First of I am so impressed that there was a sketchbook on every seat. I am an art school drop out turned hairdresser, so that detail really helped me get in the right frame of mind. Hairdressers are so visual, it only makes sense that we would rather take picture doodle notes than short hand. Oribe also does a lot of sketches through out the workshop diagraming specific goals and accompanying his words of wisdom. I wish I would have snagged one of those drawings for myself! Oribe is inspired by icons like Marilyn Monroe and Bridgette Bordot as well as rock and rollers like The New York Dolls.

I accumulated way too many quotes to jam into one blog but I will say that we share a vision of "more is more". That has been one of my mottos for years so it was nice to be validated but someone I admire :D He spoke to many philosophies on hairstyling old and new. "If you want to be a session hairdresser, if that is really your goal, you need to be fast."  It seems like a statement of the obvious but I have been on enough slow moving shoots to know that not everybody gets it. Oribe is quick. Many of his hair pieces are prepared in advance and highly organized. He puts his bobby pins in his mouth. That right in  his  mouth. Why? Because its efficient, and sometimes its the fastest way to get things done. Oribe recommends having an plan and sticking to it. "If you decide to change the idea it will be a disaster."

This colorist muddled through her updos in the hands-on portion of the day. Usually I dont even blow dry my clients when they are finished, so its hard to recall the last time I even attempted some upstyling. Oribe had a great team working the room and lending a hand (or two) whenever it was needed. Agent Silver Fox was also towing the line and keeping the irons hot. Oribe reminded us never to retail a hot tool without also including some kind of thermal protection. (insert joke about tools and protection here) The hands-on was about creating something that was "ugly pretty" and not just pretty ugly. "There is an easiness to hair right now." Its all about creating the right kind of texture and enough of it. Crazy Crazy texture. Put the effort into prepping the hair well and the rest will follow!